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The big 100


Congrats to Eoin for (finally) reaching the big 100 pub reviews. I think we need a few drinks to celebrate!

Stamping out Comment Spam


I’ve taken the (what could be) bold move of disabling anonymous commenting and requiring registration. Only with the idea of completely wiping out my comment spam problem mind you. Not that I get flooded with comments or anything. I’m sure if any one of you out there needs to have your feelings on a particular post known you can endure the miniscule task of registering to post. Thank you and goodnight comment spam!

Fake Fifties, the new batch.


It’s amazing the things you learn when alcohol is involved. No matter if consuming or simply buying the booze, the fact I have always maintained proved itself again tonight in one of my less than regular trips to the offy. To pay for my beer, I handed the cashier a €50 note (yes, I’m THAT rich). As usual, he passed it under the UV light in front of the till to check if it was a forgery. He then showed the note to a man behind him who gave it the once over before pronouncing it as genuine.

The new batch of fake notes can apparently fool the UV light but not the finger. If you look at the picture below you’ll see a small section of the top of the note highlighted. If you rub your finger over this area, you should feel small bumps or ridges. If you don’t, your note is fake. Almost genius; a note that practically passes for real! Alot better than those “20 Langer” notes that have been doing the rounds anyway…

Bite the Bullet


It’s been about 10 years since my last time in the chair. I hated it then and going in there today I realised I still hate it now. Call it an irrational fear of going back or being in denial of how much pain I was in but the time had come to revisit the pastel coloured room with everyones favourite drill. Mr. Dentist; the man everyone loves to hate! The whole “Ahh shur I’m grand, tis only a bit of pain” thing wore a bit thin this morning at work when, as per usual, the whole right side of my face felt like it was about to explode, leaving the left side wondering what the hell happened…

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Man charged in Robert Holohan case


Wayne O Donoghue of Ballyedmond has just been charged with the manslaughgter of 11 year old Robert Holohan.

If the rumors are anything to go by, 20 year old O’Donoghue had the boy in a headlock that quite obviously went tragically wrong. Apparently O’Donoghue confessed to a friend before calling the Gardai and asking them to meet with him and his parents at the family home.

Now running 3.14


After a surprisingly trouble free upgrade to MT 3.14, I’ve decided to try it out for a while. Unlikely I’ll go back to 2.661, the comment moderation alone is worth is weight in spam.

What a Wonderful World


Last entry was just before Christmas I believe; so this is going to be a bit of a come down from that. I couldnt be convicted of being in an upbeat mood after following the local news for the last week or so. It left me wondering;in I suppose a very naive way, what is up with the world? Not even the world as a whole. The World confined within a 30 mile radius of Cork city…

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Changes all round


First and foremost, I’ve converted the site from the progressively slower Berkley database over to mySQL, which hopefully should be a bit on the faster side. Time will tell anyway. That’s a hugely overdue upgrade. I am still humming and hawing about upgrading to MT 3.14 or whatever the new version is. I suppose if it aint broke don’t fix it. But of course, spam blocking would be nice. We’ll see.

Second, I finally got my new computer. Not the computer I mentioned some days ago however. I sold that one before it arrived! The PC I actually ended up buying (from Dell again) is a Dimension 8400, 3.4Ghz P4, 1GB DDR2, 250GB Sata hard drive, 256MB ATI X800 video, DVD+-RW and to top it off I treated myself to a Dell 17″ TFT. Call it a late Christmas present from myself to myself.

Thirdly, pub reviews have sprung pictures. Candid camera at the moment and mostly outside the different pubs but I’m sure Eoin will manage to get crafty shots of inside the establishments soon enough. Pictures of good looking barmaids an optional extra.

Impulse buyer


Finally took some action, after much in the way of humming and hawing over it, and bought a new computer. Went to the Dell outlet store to get one of those cheapo refurbs they seem to have so many of. Whilst browsing the updated stock list or 110 pc’s I spotted the following

P4 3.2Ghz (1MB L2 cache 800FSB)
XP Home
1GB PC-4200 RAM
160GB SATA hard drive
128MB PCI-E X300 Video card

That’s the bones of it. Got it for €848.21, or about €400 off the retail price. I finally have a new computer. I can play games again! I can burn DVD’s. I can edit photos and video without the mind-bendingly frustrating holdups. Hurrah for impulse buying!

New additions to the gallery


At long last, some more photos

The 2004 Toy Run


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