Were now officially coming towards the end of the first week of December and therefore well into the silly season. Scienticians have stated that if you don’t have all your Christmas shopping done by now (well, by Saturday last) you’re inflicting great amounts of stress upon yourself. Bullshit I say. Christmas shopping related stress doesn’t start until 5pm on the 24th. Then its time to forget any well formulated present plans you may have had and pick the nearest shop to get gift vouchers from. Always seems to work for some reason.

I’ve had the greatest delight for the past week of saying “Ahh it’s only the Xth of December!” Replace X with your favourite date of course. Decorations going up? Ahh man, it’s only the 2nd of December. Going to get a tree? Feckin hell, it’s only the 4th of December. I’ve wrecked the heads of co-habitants and co-workers with my incessant needling on the subject of my celebratory related distaste.

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