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Karaoke night


It was the 27th of December yesterday and the annual ‘Karaoke night’ in Cogans was destined to take place. The signs were not looking good on the 26th when permission to hold this prestigious event was not fully granted. I arrived down the village with a slight apprehension that the place would be too packed and that would be that. Jen and David went in ahead while i shifted the gear from the car. They had some seats which was great and they were just the ones i wanted. I arrived and was about to set up only to discover that i had no television! Off home to retrieve my tv and back down again. We then faced a dilemma. Where were were going to get power from? The christmas tree seemed to have some strange connection but no plugs were easily visible. A lot of humming and hawing later and we found our plug. Kev arrived down so some bit of a crowd was gathering! Kev gave me one of his trademark birthday cards which was nice. Sitting having a few pints and Brian arrived with Jodie and another guy who went somewhere else for most of the night. Then Fos arrived and subsequently Gar too. A couple of lads who seemed to be causing no problems were told they were on their last drinks and to go! That left our regular spot free so we moved over there to sit. A few of the regulars were missing but Ciaran said he do something festive like ‘The easter bonnet’!

The Karaoke started off slowly as it always does with no one wanting to sing except me. It started christmassy with ‘Merry christmas everyone’. ‘Pretty woman’ and ‘My way’ were also on the menu at this time. A group of people who were in the older section of their life didn’t feel this was their thing and they left! I don’t know that, am just assuming! Things were starting to pick up a bit now. Kev started off ‘Don’t worry be happy’ but the cd started jumping so we changed back to the festive with Band aids ‘Do they know it’s christmas’. Everone knew it was christmas by the time we were finished! The landlady made an appearence from the shadows at this time and said “Turn it down. it’s too loud”. We muted it a bit and then Jodie sang Jolene. It was a good rendition. We were getting to enjoy it now. I then did ‘When you were sweet sixteen’. Ann, Jane and Niamh came in next and Ann picked ‘Hit me baby one more time’ as her opening number. I continued with ‘Something’ and then Al, Padge, Steve, John, Damien and Cinny came in. They all settled in and there was a great buzz being created by a little home karaoke machine and a group of people up for a laugh.

Brian then asked me could he do his first solo number and ‘Like a Virgin’ was his appropriate choice. He sang along with performing all the moves to the delight of the ever growing crowd. A big group of lads and girls who i know to see sat in and were contemplating a song. The whole section was packed now and the atmosphere was brilliant. I started a regulars favourite ‘House of the rising sun’ and as predicted Ciaran appeared and literally grabbed the mic! He sang the song with his back to the screen. He seemed to be adding in his own interpretation and words! He stopped at one point during the song and informed me that this verse wasn’t in the original. When i said it was he grabbed the mic again and finished the song! Two lads then asked me could they sing together and they did ‘Don’t you want me’. It was hillarious and they acted the song out. Ciaran, a guy i was in scouts with was one of them. Jane did a great rendition of ‘Black velvet’. At this stage word was spreading that nobody asked Colette to sing so i did and she said she had a chest infection.

She thought the karaoke was the best thing ever now as there was no chance of trouble from the crowd, only singing and good humour. I did the inevitable version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which went down really well, head bopping an all! Jodie sang another song that i can’t remember the name of and then Ann sang ‘Underneath your clothes’ which was great. Then Jen and Ann did a brilliant perfromance of ‘Manic Monday’. They worked well as a duet. I did suspicious minds as usual and even did an Elvis dance which is unusual! Ciaran and the other guy did Lola and Jane did another song ‘Fever’. It was coming near the end of the night and we did our second rendition of ‘Do they know its christmas time’. There was a big crowd of us singing it and it was such a laugh. Everybody in the whole place got into it. Colette came out and said “Come on lads, time, time, only one more song”. I being the smart drunkard i was said that we would sing one song and the national anthem which is a must! We were then informed that the gardai were outside but i shouted out that they weren’t! I then and it could be a vital mistake let my feelings about the new Cogans out via the mic! I said that i thought it was better as it was and the change wasn’t as good. Kev agreed with me and of course Colette heard me!

Anyway the last song i chose was ‘The fields of Athenry’ and everybody sang along and i made some comment about the Munster team and this anthem. Then we all stood up for the national anthem. I was just about to finish up when somebody shouted ‘Paddy Mc Ginty’s goat’ so i sang that as quietly as possible. The lights came on and we were hunted out! Everybody agreed that it was a great night. Colette thanked me for doing it which was very different from the previous night. Hopefully we will get down for another night of singing soon!

The Random Act of Christmasnessness


Ray, I’ve been listening to you for the past few months. First you encouraged all us loyal listeners to perform a random act of kindness on a stranger. All of a sudden it turned into a random act of Christmasness. What with all my driving around the country (I did 1006 miles last week alone) I must admit that I didn’t have a whole lot of time to go around being nice to just anyone. We’ll get back to you later D’Arcy. This week is a short one thanks to arrival of the man in red. That wonderful long documented present shopping panic was starting to set in. As usual, the present buying came in bursts with one mad, frantic and frankly lunatic tear around the shops this evening after work finished up early.

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Hooray, linkage!


Caoimhe of “The blog and I” has graciously linked to this festering pile of verbal diarrohea I affectionately refer to as ‘a website’. Cheers Caoimhe; I’m now only 531,255,205,252,123.6 steps away from complete world domination!

Pre Christmas Rant #2


Were now officially coming towards the end of the first week of December and therefore well into the silly season. Scienticians have stated that if you don’t have all your Christmas shopping done by now (well, by Saturday last) you’re inflicting great amounts of stress upon yourself. Bullshit I say. Christmas shopping related stress doesn’t start until 5pm on the 24th. Then its time to forget any well formulated present plans you may have had and pick the nearest shop to get gift vouchers from. Always seems to work for some reason.

I’ve had the greatest delight for the past week of saying “Ahh it’s only the Xth of December!” Replace X with your favourite date of course. Decorations going up? Ahh man, it’s only the 2nd of December. Going to get a tree? Feckin hell, it’s only the 4th of December. I’ve wrecked the heads of co-habitants and co-workers with my incessant needling on the subject of my celebratory related distaste.

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Phone has finally gone!


My phone has been through it all. First let me say that i took absolutely no care with it during our three year relationship. It has been dropped 20 feet from a ladder, dropped into a pint, dropped down the toilet, chewed by the dog, spent time in a lake, stood upon several times, banged off walls etc etc. Any time it had water damage vodafone said it was broken and could not be fixed but it came back to life. The only problems i encountered following this abuse was the star button at the bottom left wasn’t great to work. You could only lock it after maybe 6 or 7 goes! To be honest i don’t even know the type of phone it was but it was sturdy. Our three year relationship ended the other morning when i was getting into my car to go for work. It fell out of my coat pocket and onto the road. Anyway i drove off unaware of it. I thought i left it in home. To cut a long story short someone found it and it had been knocked down (or rolled over)! I got it back from them and the screen was all cracked and it was fairly messed up. Guess what! I turned it on and the bugger still worked. It’s like super phone or something! While it was lost i got a present of another phone, it was a hard decision but i am using the new phone. I am very hypocritical about mobile phones and the way people are obsessed. While my phone was missing, i have to admit i was lost. It was like i had no contact with the rest of the world. I never thought i would admit that. Anyway that was a load of meaningless gobbeldy gook, just thought i would give a little commemeration to a resilient little bastard!!

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