As I woke in my Dublin hotel room this morning and turned on my TV, I wondered if it would be a realistic idea to have my one last pot of tea and slice of toast in either one of Bewley’s cafés. I had forgotten completely about the closure of one of Dublin’s best known landmarks until it hit me smack bang in the face at 7am this morning. The café where I spent my first few anxious minutes trying to think of something possibly intelligent to say to a girl who would later that weekend become my girlfriend is now closed. Sorry about that sentance, it’s a bit all over the place.

Bewley’s Westmoreland Street (opened first in 1896) and it’s Grafton Street sister (opened 1927) are no more and will now more than likely revert to high priced clothes shops. Countless numbers have campaigned to keep the buildings open for business but with losses of €4m, it was plainly obvious what had to happen.

I didn’t have that last pot of tea; instead I sat in Naas traffic for an hour. I can only say farewell to what became an institution for any travellers in Dublin for the day. Where are we going to get the tay and hang sandwiches now?