Some truly inspirational television ended last night with an emotionally charged final episode. For several weeks I have been keenly observing Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor travelling 20,000 miles around planet earth on BMW 1150GS motorbikes. From London, through Europe, onto Mongolia and far eastern Russia, over to Alaska, through Canada and across the U.S. to New York.

Over the course of the life changing journey, both men (and indeed their camera man) faced great adversity travelling on road, off road, on swamp, through river, back on road, into another river and even through brush fires in Alaska.

I, like I’m sure many others, have fantasised about setting off on that very same trip; around the world on a motorbike. No throwing caution to the wind however, there has to be and thankfully was for this TV show a full support crew travelling in four wheel drive vehicles with spare fuel, tyres, a doctor and a whole selection of recording and camera equipment.

Hats off to the two lads, they’ve done something I’ll probably only ever dream of doing. They even managed to do it without complaining when times got really hard. Well, not complaining too much anyway 🙂

The whole thing culminated in what seemed to be a rushed final episode last night with the pair travelling across north America, each being surprised along the way by their families who were strategically housed in an area along the planned route. They also met the ever moody staff of “Orange County Choppers”, who as I’m sure all bikers will know are currently the subject of a Discovery channel fly-on-the-wall documentary.

After watching the series, I have gained tremendous respect and admiration for both Ewan and Charley. Anyone that can take on such a task and come out the other side with all four limbs and an ear to ear smile deserves an award.

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