Far be it from me to bitch and moan about a charitable effort. So I wont. Instead I’ll bitch and moan about the song it’s centered around. Band Aid 20 is the new release of the original band aid “feed the world” song, which first hit the world back in 1984. Artists such as Robbie Williams, Dido, that prat from the darkness, Sugababes and some other boy and girlband members that I really dont know the names of. What makes me groan rather alot is the ‘rap’ they chose to insert into it. I mean… RAP?

Bono, being the grumpy old git that he’s become, fought tooth and nail to hang onto his “well tonight thank God it’s them instead of youuuuuu” line. Although it’s downplayed significantly, he sings it more like a diarrhoea victim than the ol’ rocker he should be. I protest against the new song. I’m opposed! Damn damn opposed! And in the spirit of my opposition, I am allowing all the world to download, play and keep the original 1984 version of the band aid song. Not that I’m supporting piracy or anything. I will add that you all should still go out and purchase the new single. Dont listen to it, just buy it. It’s for a good cause.

Download the original and best. (You might want to right click and click save as. Mac users do what you normally do… it’ll all work out in the end)