Bloody long time, no bloody update. It’s now almost half way through November. Twelve days since Halloween and another ahh shit I dunno how many till Christmas. It’s not like I’m too pushed about it anyway. Anyone that’s known me for any length of time at all will know that more than well. So, crimbo is on the way! The mad rush for all the shops to erect (there, I said it!) their displays began on the first of the month after all that Halloween crazyness was over and done with. After all, everyone knows that no self respecting shop manager should even consider displaying any kind of fishmas related paraphernalia before the scary season has come to a successful close. There were, as always, one or two exceptions to this rule. One I can think of straight off the top of my head is Woodies; they had one solitary stand of santa dolls rudely thrown into the middle of their Cork outlet in September. I mean September! That’s just nuts. Its true what the biddies say, “It’s getting earlier every year!”

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