It’s nice to see that the smoking ban, following it’s MASSIVE success in the republic, could soon been extended to England under controversial new plans. Could those be the same controversial plans that were put into action in Ireland? Anti-smoking groups have hopped on the plans and come out the other end looking for an outright ban whereas the pro-smoking people (which I can only assume is mostly comprised of smokers) are whinging just like they did when the Irish ban was coming into effect.

Of course Scotland has already made such moves, albeit up a step. They’re leaning toward a blanket ban. I predict border crossings between the two nations will increase ever so slightly if said blanket ban comes into effect. The BBC poses the following question;

Should smoking be banned in public places? Does the plan for England go far enough? Is the country being turned into a nanny state?

Predictably enough, it has spawned all the usual replies from Joe Public. Some of them make for slightly less than interesting reading.