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Wedding Bliss

Only on the Internet! In fact, only on eBay! What would you do if you were invited to a wedding you really didn’t want to go to? Bin the tickets? That’s what most people would do. Not this brainy Internet user however. Why bin a perfectly good ticket when you can sell it and make some money?

Here we go again…

So the voting has once again started in Florida. And just like the punch card fiasco of 2000, the electronic voting system now adopted has gone tits up within 1 day of the polls opening. Something about touchscreens…

With Kerry now thought to be the forerunner in the presidental race, is this the last desperate stance of the extended relations of the Bush clan? Err, like that time back in 2000 when one of Bush’s relations called the Florida vote in Dubya’s favour, even though by that time he had already lost.

Lets wait a while, there could be a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11 in the making…

Subscribers to a new religion

Odd, but in this day to be expected… at least to the pessimistic. I do not intend to create a hypocrite of myself by writing this either, so keep that in mind when reading. Saturday night, last night in fact while in church (yes, I actually do know where the church is) I noticed the flock/gathering had dissipated somewhat. Last time I remember being there, it was hard to find a free seat and indeed a family of three or four would often have to sit separately. But that was back in the “when I was young” and “those were the days” kind of days.

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When I’m 64

A short note of happy birthday to John Lennon, who would have been 64 today.

Will Billy Connolly eat his words?

The recent distasteful remarks Billy Connolly made regarding a certain terrorist group beheading a certain British hostage must be ringing in his ears after the news broke in the last couple of days that Kenneth Bigley has indeed been executed after an alleged failed attempt to escape from his captors.

“Will they just stop talking about it and do it?!?” was probably not the gentle touch that Bigleys family needed to hear from such a public figure. This also comes only days after Ken was issed an Irish passport, due to his mother being a native Paddy.

So, the question is, was he finally executed because he tried to escape? Or was it because they were going to no matter what? On top of everything, it’s not a whole lot to say for the myth of Irish neutrality.

Fibbers Fined

Fibbers McGee, a pub in Galway who’s owner blatantly defied the smoking ban for several days, has been fined €6,000 for their rebelious effort. I have to say, good riddance to you, fucking morons.

Clint would not be pleased

They’re heeeeere! Or rather, they’re back. Just when you think it’s safe to stick your hand carelessly into your wardrobe and wear the first thing you pull out (which is, as it happens, my primary means of choosing what to wear), you’ll now have to stop, think and have a large cardboard box with “What was I thinking?” written on it…

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Sinatra Lives!

Got this little ditty in my email today. Ol’ blue eyes lives on in this delightful parody. (May take a day or two to load if you’re a 56k’er) Strangers on my Flight