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Oxford gone erotic?!?


The new Oxford dictionary places great emphasis on sex? So it seems from this mornings Ray D’Arcy show on Today FM. Poor old innocent Ray, even pronounced “Poontang”, just one of the new words to hit the big book, wrongly.

Ella Walsh on Madonna


One from today’s Irish Examiner opinion section (my favorite section)

Lady Madonna? Not on this performance
I wish to voice my criticism of certain aspects of the Madonna concert at Slane on Sunday last.

Firstly I would like to stress that I am a big fan of her earlier music and – up until Sunday – of the ‘lady’ herself. I thought the way she called her crowd of adoring fans “motherf*****s” at one point was uncalled for.

She also stuck her fingers up at the crowd for the grand finale of one song. This seemed totally at odds with all the religious garbage we were force-fed throughout the show.

I don’t think she would appreciate it if her daughter spent €88.50 to see an artist she had been dying to see in concert for years only to be called a mother you-know-what. I have read all the positive reviews of the show, and they seem totally at odds with the general feeling at the concert. Many who had been sitting near us since 2pm left 50 minutes into the performance.

People were also annoyed because she was late and hardly addressed the crowd, only to complain that it was wet and she was cold. However, towards the end, she did say thank you to the crowd for making her feel so welcome.

Madonna would have received a far bigger welcome if she had actually talked to her audience and lost some of her ‘attitude’.

She should remember who made her famous and show her fans the respect they deserve.

Ella Walsh
Co Clare.

Madonna’s only Irish gig? Yes, quite possibly…

vodka sachets; cause for concern?


Drink, to the detriment of the Irish public it would seem, is getting more and more convenient. These little wonders, a shot of vodka in a sachet, are the latest in a long line of products (apparently not aimed at young drinkers and indeed underage drinkers) which are to face the wrath of taxation. Anyone that regularly quaffs anything from the alcopop line of drinks knows that the government imposes higher tax on these in an effort to reduce their consumption.

Publicans and off licenses are being encougaged not to stock the ‘vodka-in-a-sachet’ and there is widespread concern about how easy it would be to conceal the sachets, for example… getting into a concert with the equivilent of three bottles of vodka taped to your body… But that’s only a theory of course 😉

Obviously this is the work of an American, Dr. Joe Elia, through the Little Drinks Company, his Dublin based company. Apparently targetted at women in their 20’s and 30’s, Elia must have known that binge drinking teenagers would want to buy these things in their hundreds. Imagine, stick a few of these in your pocket when you head out of the house and any can or bottle of coke/7up/whatever can become a vodka & coke/7up/whatever. Now that’s convenience!

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