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Miles & Crisps

Full title to read: “Working up the miles & the love of a good packet of crisps”. Or something like that anyway. What with recent developments, I have found that I (in the last couple of days and the next few to come) that I am going to be on the road far longer. Still, that is my job description. I have discovered several important facts in the last 500 miles or so. Here are just a couple of those mind numbingly boring facts…

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How Not to Grow Up; Part 1

Maybe itís just my sleep deprived brain, maybe itís Ďthat time of yearí or maybe itís because there isnít a lot on TV at 5am, but this seemed like a good idea at the time. Valentines day; scourge of men-folk worldwide…

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Photoblog finally up

Finally a sleepless night is good for something. After a bit of tinkering with stylesheets and templates I managed to get a someway operational photoblog running. It needs more tinkering as you’ll no doubt notice, but we’re getting there, one minute at a time.

big turn out for victorious Cork team

Taken with Nokia 6600
God awful quality


Does this seem as odd to everyone else as it does to me? Or am I just reaping the rewards of being a gmail user?

Since I opened my account what must have been at least 2 weeks ago, I havent received a single spam email!?! Do the boffins at google have some sort of new secret weapon for killing spam? (like chopping off the fingers of it’s originators perhaps?) Either way my interest is piqued and I shall continue to monitor the situation with a critical eye…

Death to the Floater

Itís been one month since my last confession. Since then Iíve swore, wished harm on my fellow man, committed various acts of laziness, travelled to a foreign country, swore, worshipped false Gods, stole, swore, killed, swore and swore…

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“A tremendous day for Cork Hurling”

The words of Donal O’Grady as Cork win 0-17 to 0-9 against a bewildered Kilkenny side. I’d kill to be in Croke park now… I guess I’ll have to settle for joining every single person in Cork county tomorrow night to welcome Liam Mc Carthy to the county. Well done to all the lads on the Cork team, brilliant match!

up cork

No commentary needed on this one, just looking forward to Sunday.

last of the summer?

The last sunflowers of the season? Could be… taken by the missus, which could go towards explaining why it’s so blurry.

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a summary of whats to come

As I’m sure most of you are aware, I’ve been absent alot lately from my regular updates of the site. I’d like to put this down to the fact that I’ve been working much harder and haven’t had as much free time, and even though that is a half truth, the full truth is that I’m just bone idle. Lazy to an extreme. The thought of having to think of what to write is more than I can bear sometimes. Fact is that I actually do have alot to write at the moment; for example a few thousand words on the state of the French holidays I less-than-recently returned from. There are however, going to be alot of changes around here…

1. I’m going to finally get around to changing the template on this blog. This is to become the main part of my site in an effort to ‘trim the excess fat’ from what is now a highly congested (read full of shit) website. I’ve got a few designs in mind and even one made up so watch this space for a few changes. I could very soon be adding another author to the blog; someone who will (I hope) take to the idea of blogging, even if it is only once in a blue moon. Anyway, that’s the look & feel side of things over with.

2. The main website as we know it is becoming extinct *sniff sniff*. The several sections of absolute nonsense that have built up over the year(s) are being axed in a most unceremonious manner. In fact all I’m keeping is my ever-amusing (if only) diary and my soon to be (hopefully) bloated picture gallery. If you wish to start a petition to save a section, please do so. Note that I will also accept sponsorships for sections. Current market value places each section at €15,000.

3. A brand spanking new photo gallery/photoblog type setup is being created. Ok so it’s in the process of being thought about being created, but it’s getting there. I have opted to write the whole thing myself in ASP, however that story might change when I see what free scripts are available to do the same thing. That way I won’t have to swear half as hard at dreamweaver for ‘disassociating me with the fundamentals of intarweb designography’. I have also planned to buy a new camera, either a Canon 300D or if I’m feeling richer a 10D. If I win the lotto it’ll be a 20D though. I would hope to be expanding the photo gallery side of things infinitely between say… this Christmas and the 10th of never. We’ll see how things go.

The diary will continue, both in it’s present format and in a slightly modified format to fit in with the bloggy layout. Just thought I’d say that in case you were all getting worried. I do know how much you all love your doamm. ;)