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back to school


Back to school time is upon us. All the schools aren’t even back to full days yet and already my 5 minute drive to work has become 20 minute. Damn those lazy students! Walk damnit, walk to school and you won’t be so fat and lazy!

It’s not back to school time for everyone however. Me for example.. I’m not going back to school…

Ireland’s most unfortunate criminals


An armed robbery went pear-shaped in Meath last night when a man brandishing a sawn-off shotgun attempted to relieve a local petrol station of some of their cash.

Redcross service station handed over the cash, which the thief soon dropped during a struggle with the station owner. Adding injury to insult, while fleeing the scene the silly git was hit by a car and is now recovering in hospital.

I bet he can’t wait to be judged fit to go directly to jail.

Absentee returned


I’ve been on holidays, 2544.6 miles around France to be exact. I shall return with something meaningful very shortly. In the mean time, keep an eye on my diary of a madman for the whole holiday scéal.

Fahrenheit 9/11, a must see!


I recently saw Micheal Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”, a much hyped and award winning film detailing the story behind Bush, the Bin Laden’s and terrorism in America. Like many who have seen the film, I thought it was brilliant. Very well made; one part of the story running smoothly into the other. It is a scathing attack on George W. Bush and does a perfect job of showing him to be the moron that he really is.

I thought it was great and everyone out there should definately see it at least once. Here’s someone that agrees with me, taken from todays Irish Examiner.

I VERY strongly encourage anybody who hasn’t seen it already to go and see the excellent film, Fahrenheit 9/11.

It is directed and produced by the, as always, never-afraid-to-tell-the-truth-no-matter- how-much-this-upsets-many-in-the-establishment-and-their-cronies Micheal Moore.

I am not going to say too much, as this would spoil the plot, except to say that even I was shocked by the sheer scale and gross extremity and antics of the Bush gang ruled by a junta trying to establish a dictatorship in the US using the guise of the war on terror.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a must-see!

Big Brother: Why bother?


What is this? It must be the fifth time that UK & Irish TV viewers have been subjected to the human waste which is the “Big Brother”. For some it’s the televisual experience of the year, something to while away those long summer days watching 24-hour live coverage on E4. Never before has it been so exciting to watch perfect strangers, whom as it happens are no more interesting than bellybutton fluff, perform inane activities such as… sleeping, for example.

For the rest of us, which you may have guessed includes yours truly, can’t stand the whole big brother experiment. I say experiment because the people they finally choose to be contestants belong only in a lab. I could name several things I’d rather be doing than watching any amount of Big Brother.

Big Brother 1 was original TV in it’s day. I will freely admit that I watched (throughout the whole series) roughly 3 to 4 hours of the show. After that, reality TV just got boring. How many TV shows were created in the wake of the big brother phenomenon that gave us a fly on the wall view of everywhere and anywhere we could possibly hope to see.

The truly amazing thing is that every series has taken people more or less off the street with absolutely no special qualities (other than in some cases, the ability to talk shit and bore the world constantly for 10 weeks) and transformed them, no matter if they win or lose, into minor celebrities. After their flash in the pan TV debut, they have gotten their own shows or starred in the shows of others. Two I can think of straight away is Craig, the winner who gave all his winnings away and is appearing on DIY “my home is a kip, come fix it up” kind of shows and Anna of “Ask Anna”, where a lesbian ex-nun doles out advice and helps other whiny viewers that (in one case which sticks out in my mind) to find men that like overweight middle-aged women, or one woman in particular.

The tabloids eat up the scandal like it’s the food served from a gourmet restaurant and splash the latest big brother bullshit all over their front pages. For 10 weeks of the summer, you can’t twitch without having some aspect of Big Brother crammed in every available orifice. It is, in this bloggers humble opinion, the worst TV imaginable.

Eircom overcharging? NEVER!!


The latest in the emerging Irish overcharging fad is none other than our very own monopolistic (is that even a word?) telco, Eircom! Yes, anyone that actually reads their bill will know they’re being shafted in a most uncomfortable place; their wallets. Most of the time it’s all as above board as it’s going to get, due to line rental increases, call charge increases and whatnot.

Over 31,000 customers have been overcharged, some by as much as €28. Eircom’s explanation for this oversight is;

It is due to a fault in processes that led to customers being charged incorrectly for call management services.

Customers that were hit with the overcharging are users of Eircom’s call answering, call barring, call tracking and call divert services. Out of the goodness of their hearts, and because they just can’t keep the €400,000+ swindled from their loyal customers, they intend to refund any wrongly charged monies as well as giving each customer credit on their bills.

Here’s a good will gesture you could try out Phil, lower the bloody line rental!

Irelands Dumbest criminals


Gardaí in Wexford are investigating the attempted theft of an ATM from the Bank of Ireland premises at Taghmon.

The incident occurred at 4.15am when a mechanical digger was used to pull the machine from the building.

Gardai examining the scene discovered the ATM under rubble at the premises. It appears that no cash was taken.

No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.

But why, you may be asking yourself!?! Why was no money stolen? Perhaps because their digger broke down, leading them to flee the scene of the botched robbery. Great way to spend your bank holiday weekend.

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