End of July. For the last few years it’s always been a time I’ve feared. Why? Because for the last 5 years or so, that’s when the renewal for my bike insurance arrives. So today it arrived and stupidly enough I expected it to be around what Aon Bike Care (my broker) had quoted me over the phone; 1300. So, when a demand for 1799 arrived on the doorstep this morning, the first thing I did was ring Aon to demand answers. But of course they were all gone home.

Five years no claims bonus accounts for fuck all apparently. They (Aon) recently moved to AXA from Hibernian, maybe theyre charging me for moving? Maybe it’s another one of those 35-40% price hikes they pulled off this time last year? Maybe it’s just more money-grabbing. Come Tuesday, I’ll find out.