Is Michael Moore an America hatin’ mutant? Jim Malo (whom I presume to be a republican) thinks so…

I have not (and will not) see Michael Moore’s movie, Fahrenheit 9/11.Those who have seen it describe it as a cleverly-done propaganda by someone who hates his own country, and happens to be a Democratic party activist.

Looking at some of the editorials, articles and letters in your online newspaper, I’m reminded of some of the stuff I hear coming from the Democratic party in this country. When I talk to US military personnel returning from Iraq (I encounter them at work), I get an entirely different picture from that presented by most US media sources, and particularly the international media.

And now a few words in response from someone who isn’t a raving lunatic.

I was disgusted by the letter from American Jim Malo (Irish Examiner, July 8) calling Michael Moore unpatriotic and accusing him of hating his own country.

When are Americans going to stop preaching about being the Land of the Free and spouting nonsense justifying the war in Iraq on the grounds that civil liberties were at stake.

This would be fair enough if the US even practised 10% of what it preaches. The letter from Mr Malo is a huge disappointment. I thought that freedom of speech was part of the US constitution. Maybe I was wrong. I am not anti-American in the slightest indeed I have many relatives there. I just feel it is ridiculous that no one is supposed to criticise the Bush administration.

I am not the biggest fan of Michael Moore, but he has the right to say what he wants. I am an Irish student in Germany and international relations is a huge talking point here.

I love Ireland, but I will criticise the Government when I feel they are not doing a good job.

This does not make me hate my country and no one should have the right to say something like that to or about me. Neither should Mr Malo say it about Michael Moore.

Sorcha Healy

Question: What will all the “Bush can do no wrong” crowd do when Kerry gets elected?