Tom O’Leary of Dromore West in Co. Sligo writes in todays’ Irish Examiner (my little sarcastic comments in bold).

FAIR play to Fibber Magees. Perhaps this is the start of Irelandís own battle against prohibition, although in this case, smoking tobacco isnít illegal.
So… it’s not really prohibition then is it. Because alcohol was illegal, wasn’t it?

As a matter of fact, the Government welcomes tobacco companies to sell their product in every nook and cranny in the country. Seems hypocritical, doesnít it?

When smokers visit friendsí or relativesí houses, sometimes they are allowed to smoke inside.

Other times they are advised the host would prefer that they smoke outside. Either way, it is always the call of the host. I donít see why a publican canít have the same host authority. By designating pubs as smoker-friendly, or not, smoking and non-smoking owners and customers have options. Any other approach discriminates against one group or the other. Tell you what then. Next time you walk into a pub and want to light up, you have to do the rounds and ask every single person in the pub if they mind you smoking. After all, we are the guests.

While tobacco remains a legal, consumable product, there is no fairer approach. By the way, I smoke, but Iím not allowed to do so in my house or car.

My wife is the hostess in our house. And is clearly the pants wearer.

Why is it so difficult for all these whiny smokers to get it into their smog laden brains that bitching about a ban isn’t going to reverse it. If you want to smoke, find yourself a beer garden; that’s YOUR choice. If you can’t live with that, quit smoking. I’m obviously not alone in my passion for not wanting to have to constantly inhale lungfulls of your toxic secondhand smoke. Take it outside nature boy!

Hey, you could always go up north of the border and smoke in their pubs. Get up there while the goings good though. It may not be too long before the ban comes into effect in the UK also.