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Vodafone pull an o2


I’m getting rather bored of this now. Vodafone have admitted overcharging 1% of it’s 1.8 million customers. The second mobile operator to admit to overcharging it’s customers are to prepare a report for ComReg before the 1st of July.

Will Meteor follow suit with their own overcharging scandal? Am I one of the 1.8 million?
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Deasy avoids the law


I think anyone would have seen this coming. Fine Gael TD John Deasy, the very man who was caught smoking in the Dáil bar after the ban came into effect, is to avoid prosecution. The Office of Tobacco Control contacted the TD in the past few weeks to confirm that they will not be taking action against him.

He could of course been fined up to €3,000 for the offence, mere pocket change to a man such as himself I’m sure. Maybe not though, now that he’s been sacked as a direct result of the fiasco.

The man is obviously either a rebel or an idiot. Probably both. Just another example of “one law for the rich…” etc.
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Coloured from birth


Well done, Ireland. We should be very proud of ourselves for voting to change the Constitution.

Won’t it be great to live in this Ireland of the future? No waiting for operations, no shortage of hospital beds, with maternity wards full of real Irishwomen and all because we now deny newborn babies the right to be Irish from birth.

Dress it up whatever way you like with talk of loopholes, all we have actually done is to deny newborns the best start in this world because they are black. If that is not racist, then I don’t know what is.

Tom Morrissey,
Co Waterford.

Ireland offers the best start in the world? My God Tom, if you think Ireland is the best place in the world to be a citizen of, you really need to travel a bit and see what’s beyond the Waterford border.

What? Child porn is illegal now?!?


Surely if this guy had died as a direct result of his endeavours, he’d be up for a Darwin Award. The sordid tale begins;

A 41-year-old unemployed philosophy graduate who downloaded 350 child pornography images from the Internet has walked free from court, having received a three-year suspended sentence.

The man, living in Bray, pleaded guilty to having images of girls between the ages of 12 and 16. The Trinity College masters graduate actually came out and told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that “he did not know it was illegal to download pornographic images of young girls from the Internet.”

He came to the attention of gardai back in Feb 2002 after doing an all-nighter in a Dame St. Internet cafe. I can imagine the conversation;

Masters Graduate: Hello officer *yawn* oh sorry, I’ve just spent all night in this here internet cafe downloading pictures of little girls.
Gardai Siochana: You don’t say…
MG: Yeah, not a great haul tonight though, but I’ve got some great ones back on the PC at home.
GS: Tell me sir, are you in posession of a double digit IQ?
MG: Of course, I’m a masters graduate *cheeky wink*
GS: Are you not aware that child porn is illegal?
MG: Who ju talkin bout Willis?
GS: *whips out handcuffs* We’ll have to ask you to come with us sir.
MG: But but but.. I’ve got Kazaa Lite running at home and I really should be there to keep an eye on it.

Something like that… Perhaps more hillarious, at least from the perspective of the gardai. Apparently the chap “did not meet the diagnostic criteria of paedophilia”. The judge (whom I presume has just had a lobotomy) accepted that the man did not know what he was doing was illegal and his obvious deep remorse for his actions.

Maybe next time I’m stopped by the gardai for say… armed robbery, I’ll simply point out on my day in court that I just presumed holding up a post office with a shotgun was one of those grey areas of the law but I’m really, really, really sorry. I promise I won’t do it again.

One petty crime too far


Just how far can you stretch your luck when justice/courts is concerned? How much crime is too much? One out of school 15-year-old found out today when he was detained for two years after his 64th conviction for committing petty crimes.

Dublin Children’s Court gave the child ample opportunity to mend his ways and restart his education but he was obviously more interested in adding to his criminal record. Can we say wasted gardai resources? Yes we can! His offences involved more than 28 gardai from several Dublin stations.

Among the list of his pastimes are such things as attempted theft of motor vehicles, travelling in stolen vehicles, assault, criminal damage, larceny, theft and a whole load of drunk and disorderly, breach of the peace and trespassing charges.

37 of those offences were committed in 2002 when the kid was 13 and 14-years-old. Should the judge who he was up before not have taken matters a step further? No, just post bail and let the little hellion back onto the streets. The child obviously has some kind of problem, I think that’s plain for all to see. In all fairness, he tried to bite two officers that arrested him. Was he wearing a shell suit, some extremely expensive runners and lots of Elizabeth Duke jewellery at the time? I can only presume that’s a yes and wore the same for each of his court appearances.

So just how much piss can you take out of the courts system before it bites back? Ask this moron, he seems to have perfected criminal longevity.
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Nokia embraces clamshell


Old news by now probably, but Nokia has really responded to mobile users quiet screams by designing several new clamshell models.

We have the;
6260 – something that looks a little too flimsy for my liking.
6170 – looks a little like Sony tried to design a Samsung phone.
2650 – something out of a sci-fi b-movie? Looks water/beer proof though. That’s always a plus in this drink-a-day world.

The real question is, has Nokia done enough to win back all those annoying teenagers that bought Sharp & Samsung camera phones oh so long ago so they could text their friends? There’s no doubt that clamshell is the way Nokia should be progressing, I’m just glad they didn’t decide to completely take the piss, like they have in a few of their more recent models.

What we really voted for in this referendum


An interesting read from today’s Irish Examiner opinion section

BY voting for the anomalous citizenship loophole to be closed, the electorate has escaped the tyranny of political correctness and the disingenuous fog that the no side of the citizenship referendum introduced into the debate.

The following were among the most spectacular canards introduced by the no side in the lead-up to the vote.

1. That we are removing this tiny loophole while hundreds of thousands of third-generation “white” American grandchildren are allowed unfettered access to Irish passports by means of the grandparent rule.

In reality, this rule will remain, thereby enabling Irish-born children of Filipino nurses, and babies born to asylum seekers genuinely fleeing persecution and who have resided on this island for three short years, to have citizenship conferred on their children and grandchildren even though they might subsequently have no connection to Ireland in the future.

2. That the preliminary ruling of the European Court in the Chen case, and the condition therein that such families should be self-supporting should they wish to reside in an EU country, unambiguously absolves EU states of providing financial aid to such immigrant families.

In reality, this ‘self-supporting’ condition might well be removed when the European Court most probably ratifies that earlier preliminary ruling.

3. That a yes vote will preclude any future debate on the intricacies of citizenship law and that the amendment was initially proposed without any consultation.

In reality, the amendment, as carried, is actually the precursor to the commencement of wide-ranging cross-party dialogue within which non-governmental organisations will be enabled to have their concerns regarding citizenship and immigration fully fleshed out, after which legislation on citizenship will be enacted.

Eoin McMahon,
Northumberland Road,
Dublin 4

“I can change, dont break up with me”


Such is the delicately balanced relationship between Fianna Fail & the Irish voters at present.

Fianna Fáil leader and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has said he will lead Fianna Fáil into the next general election, taking place in two years.

Poor old Bertie. After being screwed majorly in the recent elections, he gave in and admitted that “it was Sinn Féin’s election”. In fact it’s the worst result for the Fianna Fáil party in 80 years of elections, with one in five of it’s councillors losing their seats. So there is to be another reshuffle of the cabinet in September; I can’t wait to see how much of a change it won’t make. Ahern with the metaphorical egg on his face is becoming an all too common sight.

The overwhelming “Yes”


Irish voters have voted an overwhelming yes to the citizenship referendum. 79% were in favour of the change.

Fianna Fail & the PD’s jumped on it straight away with an “I told you so”, claiming the result vindicated their decision to call for the change. Read the full story.

So it went the way I would have voted anyway, that gives me some form of relief.

The Powerbook prank


By now this is well known across the Internet. It seems some scammer in England decided to buy (or at least try) an Apple Powerbook from a legitimate seller in the US. Recognising an obvious scam, Jeff (the seller), decided to have a bit of fun with the help of some fellow Internet users. I’ll let you read it for yourselves. The full story is available in PDF format on a mirror I’m hosting here. My mirror is here. Jeff’s original site is If the site is down, it’s probably because he’s exceeded his bandwidth limit.

The Powerbook Prank. I laughed, I cried, I even snorted. Found originally on

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