Cactus juice; the new wonder cure for the effects of the morning after the night before.

The juice of the prickly-pear cactus has been shown to reduce the symptoms of the morning after problems associated with getting trollied. Nausea, headache upset stomach and dehydration can all be avoided after a bellyfull of pints, but only if the potential sufferer remembers to dose themselves before heading out.

The cactus, known in botany circles as Opuntia ficus indica, has been the subject of a study at the Tulane Health Sciences Centre in New Orleans where it has proved to benefit human test subjects who got pissed in the name of science.

The fruit of the cactus, which is already known as a delicacy in Mexico, can do no harm if munched on, according to Dr. Jeffrey Wiese.

I think I’ll stick to my classic combo of Chipsticks, Vanilla Ice-cream & Lucozade.