A letter in today’s Irish Examiner from one American with his eyes wide open. Refreshing…

Listening to Carol Coleman’s interview with George Bush on Air America (accessible to Irish citizens via the internet) sharply defined the difference between his treatment by real journalists, such as Ms Coleman, and the network hacks we are saddled with here who have spent the last three years asking ‘how high?’ every time Bush commands: ‘jump!’

As an American of Irish descent I hope the Irish people are able to maintain the distinction between the policies and actions of the president, and the ideals and hopes of the American people. I urge everyone in Ireland indeed people worldwide to see ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ as soon as possible, as it shows how and why America made the mess we find ourselves stuck in now.

Some critics in Ireland have described the American invasion of Iraq as ‘illogical.’ The pre-emptive invasion was in no way illogical it was in the planning for years (research Paul Wolfowitz and the ‘New American Century’ thesis), and the events of 9/11 gave Bush and his crowd perfect cover to implement their plans.

The neo-conservatives who control Bush’s every move and thought had a very methodical plan in place, and have been given a free ride by an unquestioning American press, populated by ‘reporters’ so afraid of being shut out of White House briefings that they prostitute themselves in exchange for continued access.

But access to what? They only hear the White House press secretary issue statements, and almost never have an opportunity to even gently question the president. Why? Because Karl Rove is scared to death to let George Bush off his leash (a phrase that, sadly, takes on new meaning after Abu Ghraib). The president just falls apart if he is required to project anything remotely resembling intelligence, clarity, logic or command of the facts.

From this American’s perspective, it was not Ms Coleman who was interrupting… it was Bush interrupting her before she could finish her question.

Why? Because he doesn’t want anyone to ask him anything he doesn’t have a stock answer for (which covers most everything), or cast any question in terms that aren’t flattering to him and his actions.

Have you noticed (in the tiny handful of actual live press conferences he’s given) how quickly he becomes irritated and condescending?

This man is impatient, shallow, obtuse and thin-skinned, and an embarrassment to all Americans who understand that America is not the centre of the known universe, but is only one country on this little planet that we all share.

So, was invading Iraq illogical? No, given the greedy, twisted logic of the neo-conservatives. Stupid, shortsighted, avaricious, shameful, violent, heartbreaking, deadly and unnecessary? Absolutely.

Michael Reynolds,
Palm Springs,

The interview can be found on the RTE website or can be downloaded as a 10.7MB MP3 file from Indymedia. Listen to it, if nothing else it’ll show you what an utter boob Bush really is.