Some of Ireland’s top lawyers are against the upcoming visit of ‘Dubya’. Along with everyone else of course…

They have claimed that the re-election of Bush would be a disaster for both the United States and the international community. A few quotes which I find myself agreeing with;

Clergymen including Dean of St Patrick`s Cathedral Dublin Robert McCarthy also claimed the president should not be made welcome here while prisoners were being tortured in Iraq.

“Mr Bush is a serious threat to the economic and security interests of the US, Ireland and the world,” Junior Counsel Giollaiosa O`Lideadha said.

“The issue is George Bush`s re-election. He is coming here to use Ireland as a photo opportunity for his re-election.”

Personally, I’d love to see Bush arrested for crimes against humanity when he steps off his swanky little plane.

Brendan Nix, SC, said: “The least that can be said is that President Bush is personally responsible for creating the circumstances and climate within which the horrific torture of Iraqi prisoners took place.

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