An interesting read from today’s Irish Examiner opinion section

BY voting for the anomalous citizenship loophole to be closed, the electorate has escaped the tyranny of political correctness and the disingenuous fog that the no side of the citizenship referendum introduced into the debate.

The following were among the most spectacular canards introduced by the no side in the lead-up to the vote.

1. That we are removing this tiny loophole while hundreds of thousands of third-generation “white” American grandchildren are allowed unfettered access to Irish passports by means of the grandparent rule.

In reality, this rule will remain, thereby enabling Irish-born children of Filipino nurses, and babies born to asylum seekers genuinely fleeing persecution and who have resided on this island for three short years, to have citizenship conferred on their children and grandchildren even though they might subsequently have no connection to Ireland in the future.

2. That the preliminary ruling of the European Court in the Chen case, and the condition therein that such families should be self-supporting should they wish to reside in an EU country, unambiguously absolves EU states of providing financial aid to such immigrant families.

In reality, this ‘self-supporting’ condition might well be removed when the European Court most probably ratifies that earlier preliminary ruling.

3. That a yes vote will preclude any future debate on the intricacies of citizenship law and that the amendment was initially proposed without any consultation.

In reality, the amendment, as carried, is actually the precursor to the commencement of wide-ranging cross-party dialogue within which non-governmental organisations will be enabled to have their concerns regarding citizenship and immigration fully fleshed out, after which legislation on citizenship will be enacted.

Eoin McMahon,
Northumberland Road,
Dublin 4