IN response to FionnŠn Sheahanís article (Women Ďarrive from airport in labourí, Irish Examiner, May 31) why isnít action taken at the point of arrival?

The airlines are responsible for accepting the passengers in the first place and if they do so, they should be forced to pay the full maternity costs. At least this way, airlines would establish correct procedures such as requesting a simple doctorís certificate outlining the state of the pregnancy. If people were unable to fly for medical reasons, the airlines would accept them.

Iím not against non-nationals coming to Ireland and receiving citizenship, but I am against the abuse of the system when numerous others are patiently awaiting a decision on their residency cases.

Cormac Fiddes,

Res Les Pins,
Les Semboules,
Antibes 06600,

So, could more stringent airline operating proceedures help reduce the problem? Or is the whole idea just a flight of fancy? I’d be more inclined to go with the latter.