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Prickly hair-of-the-dog discovered


Cactus juice; the new wonder cure for the effects of the morning after the night before.

The juice of the prickly-pear cactus has been shown to reduce the symptoms of the morning after problems associated with getting trollied. Nausea, headache upset stomach and dehydration can all be avoided after a bellyfull of pints, but only if the potential sufferer remembers to dose themselves before heading out.

The cactus, known in botany circles as Opuntia ficus indica, has been the subject of a study at the Tulane Health Sciences Centre in New Orleans where it has proved to benefit human test subjects who got pissed in the name of science.

The fruit of the cactus, which is already known as a delicacy in Mexico, can do no harm if munched on, according to Dr. Jeffrey Wiese.

I think I’ll stick to my classic combo of Chipsticks, Vanilla Ice-cream & Lucozade.

Cork win something


After losing the Senior Hurling match last Sunday, the Cork team have won the minor hurling championship by 2-13 to Tipperary’s 3-8. Well done lads.

Carole Coleman: Journalist Supreme?


A letter in today’s Irish Examiner from one American with his eyes wide open. Refreshing…

Listening to Carol Coleman’s interview with George Bush on Air America (accessible to Irish citizens via the internet) sharply defined the difference between his treatment by real journalists, such as Ms Coleman, and the network hacks we are saddled with here who have spent the last three years asking ‘how high?’ every time Bush commands: ‘jump!’

As an American of Irish descent I hope the Irish people are able to maintain the distinction between the policies and actions of the president, and the ideals and hopes of the American people. I urge everyone in Ireland indeed people worldwide to see ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ as soon as possible, as it shows how and why America made the mess we find ourselves stuck in now.

Some critics in Ireland have described the American invasion of Iraq as ‘illogical.’ The pre-emptive invasion was in no way illogical it was in the planning for years (research Paul Wolfowitz and the ‘New American Century’ thesis), and the events of 9/11 gave Bush and his crowd perfect cover to implement their plans.

The neo-conservatives who control Bush’s every move and thought had a very methodical plan in place, and have been given a free ride by an unquestioning American press, populated by ‘reporters’ so afraid of being shut out of White House briefings that they prostitute themselves in exchange for continued access.

But access to what? They only hear the White House press secretary issue statements, and almost never have an opportunity to even gently question the president. Why? Because Karl Rove is scared to death to let George Bush off his leash (a phrase that, sadly, takes on new meaning after Abu Ghraib). The president just falls apart if he is required to project anything remotely resembling intelligence, clarity, logic or command of the facts.

From this American’s perspective, it was not Ms Coleman who was interrupting… it was Bush interrupting her before she could finish her question.

Why? Because he doesn’t want anyone to ask him anything he doesn’t have a stock answer for (which covers most everything), or cast any question in terms that aren’t flattering to him and his actions.

Have you noticed (in the tiny handful of actual live press conferences he’s given) how quickly he becomes irritated and condescending?

This man is impatient, shallow, obtuse and thin-skinned, and an embarrassment to all Americans who understand that America is not the centre of the known universe, but is only one country on this little planet that we all share.

So, was invading Iraq illogical? No, given the greedy, twisted logic of the neo-conservatives. Stupid, shortsighted, avaricious, shameful, violent, heartbreaking, deadly and unnecessary? Absolutely.

Michael Reynolds,
Palm Springs,

The interview can be found on the RTE website or can be downloaded as a 10.7MB MP3 file from Indymedia. Listen to it, if nothing else it’ll show you what an utter boob Bush really is.

Mice on Atkins Diet


We already know that following the Atkins diet can cause medical problems, such as diabetes. It has emerged today that a further threat of pregnancy problems could be tacked onto the world famous diet.

High protein intake and lower carbohydrates, scientists have concluded that large amounts of protein can have an effect on fertility in mice and possibly humans also.

The Colorado Centre for Reproductive Medicine have noted that vain mice taking the diet experienced disruption in embryo development. Dr. Gardner, from the CCRM said;

“Although our investigations were conducted in mice, our data may have implications for diet and reproduction in humans,”

So, can the Atkins diet really make it harder to get pregnant? Surely it would be the final blow for the health regieme if it is proved so.

G’wan Cork!


I know I won’t get to update before tomorrow so I’ll take this opportunity to say good luck to the Cork team who play Waterford in the Munster Hurling final at 4pm in Thurles tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll catch the match or at least the score on the radio somewhere in west Cork.

Good luck lads 🙂

Cork woman demands answers


A Cork woman who is in a position similar to my own, having her name deleted from the voters register, has demanded to know why. She was turned away from the polling station on the 11th this month when she went to cast her vote in the local & european elections.

A resident of Blarney, she registered in 1999 and voted in her local polling station in the 2002 general election. Speaking to 96FM, she said she feels “disenfranchised” and has decided to go public on the issue after she failed to get any satisfaction from the city hall.

Eileen, I know exactly how you feel. Best of luck getting some sense out of the idiots in charge.

please god no!


Foulmouthed to-a-point couple Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are believed to be in talks with ITV to team up as chat show hosts in the UK.

According to insiders, the show would be aired late at night and feature “an impressive array of celebrity guests.” Perhaps to hide the fact that the Osbournes are to chat shows what Chris Doran is to the Irish music industry.

I can only hope the show never gets off the ground. Thank God Sky digital doesn’t carry ITV.

missing girl returns home


Another happy ending. The missing 11-year-old Cork girl who went missing some days ago turned up safe & sound in her home in Crookstown. Apparently she had been out walking in the woods and had gotten lost.

Lawyers against bush


Some of Ireland’s top lawyers are against the upcoming visit of ‘Dubya’. Along with everyone else of course…

They have claimed that the re-election of Bush would be a disaster for both the United States and the international community. A few quotes which I find myself agreeing with;

Clergymen including Dean of St Patrick`s Cathedral Dublin Robert McCarthy also claimed the president should not be made welcome here while prisoners were being tortured in Iraq.

“Mr Bush is a serious threat to the economic and security interests of the US, Ireland and the world,” Junior Counsel Giollaiosa O`Lideadha said.

“The issue is George Bush`s re-election. He is coming here to use Ireland as a photo opportunity for his re-election.”

Personally, I’d love to see Bush arrested for crimes against humanity when he steps off his swanky little plane.

Brendan Nix, SC, said: “The least that can be said is that President Bush is personally responsible for creating the circumstances and climate within which the horrific torture of Iraqi prisoners took place.

(Full Story)

Missing Cork girl


in an effort to spread the word

Gardai in County Cork have launched an appeal following the disappearance of an 11-year-old girl.

The girl, who has not been named, was last seen on Friday at her home in Crookstown.

She is described as being 4ft 11″, of thin build, with blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. She was wearing navy trousers and a brown hooded top when last seen.

Heres hoping she turns up safe & sound.

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