Is the first of this years top disaster movies just a bit of harmless, special effects laden sci-fi or a warning of what is to come? Roland Emmerich, director of “The Day After Tomorrow” depicts deadly tidal waves, snow storms and to top it all off a new ice age. Another fairy standard ‘world down the toilet’ kind of movie? Ahh perhaps, but with a true-to-life political message.

Emmerich, who helmed the excellent Independence Day and who loves disaster movies, isnít afraid to point an accusing finger towards President Bush and his corporate cronies for driving Earth towards such mayhem.

Itís all the fault of the loggers who chop down the trees, the open-cast miners who claw chunks from the Earth, your next-door neighbours who drive their gas-guzzling 4x4s into town (with just themselves inside); and if we donít get a grip this film wonít be just another chiller, it will be an accurate prediction.

Aside from pointing the accusing finger at the Bush administration, Emmerich seems to be able to spin yet another disaster epic. Irish Examiner columnist gives it 4 out of 5; I’ll have to see it soon and give my own rating.