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Micheal Martin for a yes vote


The minister for health has a different plan for the citizenship referendum. Speaking at the launch of the Fianna Fail case this morning in Cork, he said

He accused opponents of the referendum of dealing with everything but the proposal and said that a lot of the debate so far has been dominated by deliberate misrepresentations.


Referring to the Chen case and to the numbers of pregnant women travelling here he said ‘it would be irresponsible to know that there is a problem and to step back and do nothing.’

(Source: RTE News)

Doctors for a No vote


The proposed changes to the constitution in the citizenship referendum will fuel the fires of racism, a group of doctors warned today.

This article raises some interesting points why you should vote no in the upcoming citizenship referendum.

Senator Mary Henry commented

that while Justice Minister Michael McDowell was not racist, the referendum was fanning the flames of racism around the country.

No doubt this will become the case. Many racists in this country, both in the closet and out of it) will use the referendum to justify their “Ireland for the Irish” bullshit. I think my main area of interest now on the topic of the referendum isn’t the vote itself, but the incredible outcry a yes vote will yield; or of course the relief for many that a no vote will bring. The choice is, while were still a democracy at least, entirely yours. Use it wisely.

Time for a shopping trip


Over quarter of the population of Ireland is in mourning today as the humble shell suit has been voted the UK’s worst style crime. Anto’s, Jacinha’s and baby Ruby Diamond Venice Shania McCarthy’s are hurrying to their closest Champion Sports to stock up on the latest bling for fear that someone will think they look stupid.

Among the list of no-no’s include; (*I’ve seen people wearing these in the last 12 months)
1. Shell suits*
2. Puffball skirts*
3. Leggings*
4. White Stilettos*
5. Bodies with poppers
6. Shoulder pads*
7. String vests*
8. Stonewash jeans*
9. Dungarees*
10. Jumpsuits*

Is Ireland that far behind the times? I suppose we can’t all be from D4.

Big fat ireland


Ireland is fat! Just plain tubby. In fact, over 50% of Irish people are overweight. Now can you tell us something we don’t know? All through June, The Irish Heart Foundation is encouraging eateries to provide healthier choices in their menus.

The objective? To reduce levels of obesity and the risk of heart disease. Fast food outlets nationwide are well prepared for the action and are planning on adding one extra piece of lettuce to each burger to compensate. I can hardly wait. (Related Story)

Cork hurling victory


Cork go through to the Munster final after beating Limerick today. The final score was 1-18 to 2-12. The full story is available over at RTE Sport

Still more banking scandal


In the now seemingly never-ending line of Irish banking scandals, there is a new event to add to the list. The top man at Bank of Ireland surprised everyone by resigning from his position. Why? Because he admits he accessed websites forbidden under the banks policy. Nothing illegal mind you, just porn.

Get out while the goings good? Before something else surfaces that would be one hell of a lot more embarrasing and career damaging than simple pornography? That’s what it smells like to me anyway.
(Source: RTE News)

Donkey call


John Hargrave reports on the latest entrepeneur to be listed on worlwide auctions site, Ebay. For the measly price of $1, this genius of comedy (the ebay guy, not Hargrave) will call a phone number nominated by you at a time specified and scream “DONKEY” down the phone before hanging up.

Reading this makes me wonder why nobody has thought of this before. It’s comedy genius for just $1! John seems to agree, after taking a “DONKEY” call recently and coughing up a chunk of ham, such was the ferocity of his laugh.

Reading the article on Johns website leaves me wondering one thing… does the guy make international phone calls?

I told you so


Irish government has been asked to allow survivors of torture in Iraq’s prisons to come to Ireland for treatment (and presumably for Irish citizenship!?!)

A South African doctor, who survived torture himself as a political prisoner, says the Irish Government has blood on its hands for allowing the US troops who carried out the abuses to fly through Shannon.

Geez, I & thousands of other anti-war protestors didn’t see this coming. When people were at Shannon airport not too long ago protesting about US warplanes using the airport to refuel, the government thought nothing of it. Bertie Ahern was too busy signing up for the Bush fanclub. If the country as a whole does indeed “have blood on our hands”, how long before it becomes a potential terrorism target? Well, Mr. Taoiseach, what goes around comes around.
(Source: UTV)

“The Day After Tomorrow” could be tomorrow


Is the first of this years top disaster movies just a bit of harmless, special effects laden sci-fi or a warning of what is to come? Roland Emmerich, director of “The Day After Tomorrow” depicts deadly tidal waves, snow storms and to top it all off a new ice age. Another fairy standard ‘world down the toilet’ kind of movie? Ahh perhaps, but with a true-to-life political message.

Emmerich, who helmed the excellent Independence Day and who loves disaster movies, isnít afraid to point an accusing finger towards President Bush and his corporate cronies for driving Earth towards such mayhem.

Itís all the fault of the loggers who chop down the trees, the open-cast miners who claw chunks from the Earth, your next-door neighbours who drive their gas-guzzling 4x4s into town (with just themselves inside); and if we donít get a grip this film wonít be just another chiller, it will be an accurate prediction.

Aside from pointing the accusing finger at the Bush administration, Emmerich seems to be able to spin yet another disaster epic. Irish Examiner columnist gives it 4 out of 5; I’ll have to see it soon and give my own rating.

Home of the brave?


In today’s Irish Examiner letters, Denis Hurley writes;

AMERICA ó the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Iím sure the inmates at Abu Ghraib prison would agree.

Denis Hurley,
Co Cork.

Well put Denis.

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